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As Fall approaches I cant help but think of Fly Fishing for Louisiana Redfish. I will be heading to Southern Louisiana in October to Guide my Clients in pursuit of Bull Redfish. The Marshes of Louisiana are a very special place for Anglers its rich in Life and the Best Domestic Fishery PERIOD! Little to no fishing pressure, Big fish that readily Eat with abandonment and Multiple Opportunities at trophy size fish. Some days we put over 200lbs of Redfish into the skiff (All released) but the simple fact that you can catch that much fish is amazing in the fall and winter months. Stalking Big Redfish in Shallow water is awesome seeing a 20 plus pound Redfish in 10 inches of water will get your heart racing for sure and if you place a good cast they EAT plain and simple they aren't that shallow for fun they are on the Hunt. Fly Fishing in Louisiana is Great for all levels of experience I recommend it to all Clients that want to learn to Fly Fish. Unlike most locations it isn't very demanding to be a Great caster you can be OK and still have a great day catching Big Redfish. Most of the time the cast are fast and needs to be accurate if you can get it into the fishes Area of Awareness which is usually about 1-2 feet in front of them they crush it. Typically Im throwing a shrimp Pattern or a crab if Im fishing shallow 1-3 ft as these pattern will catch Black Drum and Sheepshead as well but if Im deeper sometimes i switch it up to a Baitfish pattern or if there's is a lot of baitfish in an area. Louisiana Redfish dont need a fancy Leader system I keep it short around 6ft and if its really clear skies and gin clear water i may lengthen it to 8ft for more wiggle room. When I set up a 9 weight rod for example I tie a Butt section of 50-60lbs 4feet long and add a 2 foot piece of 30 lbs. I use Mono (Ande) and/or Flouro carbon (Seaguar) the fish eat either one just fine but sometimes you want the abrasion resistance of flouro carbon to prevent losing a Bull Redfish because of Oysters or its Teeth (yes Redfish have teeth). If you need to book a Louisiana Fly fishing Guide for a couple fishing days go to I have Availablity for this season from October through January. Thanks JP

28lb Bull Redfish that was Tailing in two feet of water

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13 feb 2023

when is the best time to book a trip?

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