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South Florida is Home to one of the most sought after Exotic Freshwater species in the World The Peacock Bass these fish were introduced in the 80's to combat invasive species. As a result it has created a fantastic fishery for us Domestically without the travel to other Countries to fish for these Beautiful tropical fish. The best part about these fish is that we can target them year round in different locations mostly in the Everglades. They readily eat Flies, Lures and Live bait being aggressive predators by nature the strikes are hard hitting and they won't stop fighting until you land them. Our fish range from 3-6lbs with some bigger fish caught along the way unlike their cousins in the Amazon that can reach 20 plus pounds. Peacock Bass are not the only fish we target some other Exotics include 

Mayan Chiclid, Oscars, Gar, Jaguar cichlid, Bowfin, Chain Pickerel, Warmouth bass, Bream and different species of sunfish. We typically are using Light tackle Spin gear with bass plugs/soft plastics and throwing 5-7wt Fly Rods with different fly patterns. 



6 HOURS Email Jerry for Rates


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