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The fishing in the Marsh has been off to a good start we are still waiting for a real temperature drop to keep the average temps in fall/winter norms. Fishing was limited this past week as we had Hurricane Delta on a crash course for southwestern Louisiana luckily we were spared from any Hurricane strength wind and flooding. We fished up to the day before and the day after landfall the fish were hungry and we decided to look at new spots close to the Levee's as they were closing ahead of the storm. We started off in some freshwater ponds full of life and vegetation although we had high winds on the lee side of the ponds we had clean water which is a great option for me and my clients. Most of the fish we saw and caught were in the 10-12lb range with some occasional Bigger fish these fish were feisty and didn't let any of our baits go by whether if it was top water plugs, soft plastics or fly. We also caught numerous Bass throughout the days which kept us busy between Redfish. The Bass averaged about 1lb but hit the baits hard and I think its pretty cool to catch redfish and bass in the same small pond. The week prior I had some clients come in and they caught the tail end of the best weather Id seen since arriving and we were able to find big schools of Giant Jack Cravelle these guys were bruisers and were fighting over the flies we doubled up three times in two hours it was action packed and my guys had sore abdomens and biceps which is Awesome! I have availability in November and December if you are interested in Booking a Louisiana fishing trip in the Marsh with a Fishing Guide!

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