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The fishing in Biscayne Bay continues to be Excellent although its extremely hot especially on the calm days but some of the best fishing is on those calm mornings. Last week we started off at first light and we had a light breeze just enough to ripple the water and all of a sudden the wind died and we had glassy conditions.The tide was right and we started to see schools of floating Permit which were a dead give away as they were the only disturbance in the water. It was a great sight to see fins, tails and even some schools "Mooning" (which is when they swim around with their heads tilted up and you can visibly see their heads out of the water). We ended up catching four Permit that day the first was caught out of school of thirty fish or so all in the 15- 20lb range a well placed crab and it was game over! We kept seeing schools but they were very alert and knew exactly what to do when they approached the skiff and that was sink down and swim a little faster. Even thought they were tough we managed three more fish from the same school as we worked the school they didn't leave the area and cooperated for us. This week we fished it was windy in the morning and tough to see any movement in the water so with the low light we decided to go shallow and look for Bonefish. It was tough to see so we decided to blind cast and managed three fish. Once we had good light we decided to look for Permit and Permit we found but not without heartbreak we came tight to a nice fish but it came off on the first blazing run. So we regrouped and thirty minutes later we saw a big fish cruising around and came tight what a fish the end the day. If you would like to fish for Permit and Bonefish the time is now Summer Fishing in Biscayne Bay is as good as it gets so Book a Miami Fishing Guide like Capt Jerry Perez who is on the water daily! Call or email at 786 517-7261 or

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