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I have been fishing in Miami's Biscayne Bay in pursuit of its most popular inhabitant the Bonefish. These fish overall are some of the biggest fish in the world just check the IGFA record books and Biscayne Bay is all over it. The one thing other Guides and myself have noticed is that there has been an increase in the number of smaller fish which is great for the future of this famed fishery. I recently fished a new Client who wanted to fish the Bay again as he hadn't fished it in a couple years. We had multiple shots at multiple schools of fish catching a few and losing a few as well to rubber hook syndrome. The future of the Bay looks bright with all of the awareness for habitat raised by conservation efforts. Tarpon season is the air I still have a couple pockets left in the prime months to chase the POON! If your looking for a Miami Fly Fishing Guide Give me a call at 786 517 7261 or Email me at JP

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