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Summertime fishing in Miami's Biscayne Bay continues to heat up with Bonefish and Permit cruising the flats throughout the bay. Last week I had the pleasure of guiding Marc of New Orleans to his first couple Biscayne Bay Bonefish. The day started slow with a couple shots at small schools as the day progressed we were battling lots of cloud cover which made sight fishing more challenging. We continued fishing checking multiple spots, chasing open skies about mid day it opened up we had blue skies and the tide was just right. Soon enough we were seeing big clouds of mud and knew the Bonefish were close by as I pushed the skiff into position Marc was casting into the muds prospecting for Bones and we hooked up after a few casts! We then kept scannin the edges of the mud and saw a pack of fish working and Marc made a great cast and the drag started screaming! We ended up with three Bonefish and some beautiful weather. If your looking for a Miami fishing Guide I have availability in July, August and September if you want to chase Bonefish and Permit in Biscayne Bay. Give me a call 786 517 7261 or Email me at JP

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