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I had the chance to fish a new Client to go out and try to catch her first Bonefish. We set out on a beautiful crisp morning in search of the Grey Ghost. After checking a few spots with no luck I decided to make a longer run and check an area I hadn't been to in a long time I didn't have anything to lose. We began fishing the area and noticed a good amount of Life on the flat from Sharks, Rays and Cudas. Once I was able to get to the area I wanted to fish I noticed a couple quick flashes up ahead and made my way over then noticed some puffs of mud and then some more flashes. We made some casts and were able to get not one but two Biscayne Bay Bonefish in short time. One of my favorite things about being a fishing Guide is reliving a first catch with my clients it's truly a special moment. My Tarpon season is filling up for the Spring and Summer if you're looking for an Everglades Tarpon Guide Give me a call at 786-517-7261 or Email me at JP

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