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The Month of May historically is the best month to fish for big Tarpon in south Florida with water temps well into the 80s the annual migration to the spawning grounds is on full swing. This week I was fishing in Everglades National Park and found some Tarpon for my clients we had some good action early with some rolling fish which produced my clients biggest Tarpon to date! Later in the day we had some great shots at Laid up (Floating motionless) fish which was a real treat as the water gin clear and we had some follows but no dice. This month I will moving over to the Oceanside of the Keys to fish the big schools swimming down the shallow water edges looking for a well placed fly! If your looking to book a fishing trip with a Miami Fishing Guide give me a call at 786 517 7261 I have a good amount of days open in June and July for Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit.

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