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This week I was in Islamorada scouting in between charters and did some Bonefishing in old spots and it paid off. We left early from the dock and were looking for tailing permit I had seen earlier in the week with no success. So we made a quick move and pushed onto a flat looking for Bonefish and the tide was still slack with no life present sharks, rays baitfish etc I decided to give it a chance to see if the flat would come alive with the tide. We poled for another 30 minutes and there they were the first group of Tailers we got the angle and made a cast the fish lit up and charged the fly only to have come undone on the first blazing run Bonefish are famous for. Once we got back in the game we moved about 20 yards and we found another group these fish were bump feeding pushing water and tailing everything six feet or so and with low light it was tough to see the bodies. We made a guess came tight and landed our first Bonefish of the day. The tide at this point was flowing good and the flat was alive with the usual characters our window for Tailers was closing fast so we hung out for 15 mins or so in the same spot then we saw a big school pushing at us so we slid over spun the skiff and casted to them landing another fish. We had some shots at Permit later in the day but no luck and we fought a medium sized Tarpon that ate our Permit crab with 20lb leader and manged to get it boatside for a quick pic. Overall its been really HOT here in South Florida but the fish dont mind it and hardly anyone around. Everything is on track for us to have a great summer of fishing in Biscayne Bay, Everglades National Park and The Keys. I have dates available up until I leave for Louisiana in October! If your looking to fish with a Miami Fishing Guide or Everglades Fishing Guide Give me a call at 786-517-7261 or email at

Thanks JP

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