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Fly fishing for Tarpon is a unique journey in fly fishing met with challenges, ups and downs, and a roller coaster of emotions. This week I had the pleasure of Guiding Paul to his very first Tarpon and he was able to get it on fly in Everglades National Park. We left the ramp at dark and got a head start on the sun to start the day. When we arrived to the first spot it was dead we didn't stay long upon arrival the second spot was active with Tarpon and we jumped one right off the bat to only have it spit the fly. We continued in search of our fish and about 2 hours later we connected to Pauls fish and the battle ensued for 35 minutes. After a good fight I was able to grab the fish as soon as I got hold the fly popped out luckily I had the death grip on her face! What a day to relive a first Tarpon with a new Client! If your looking for an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide give me a call at 7865 517 7261 or Email

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