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This week I was in the Everglades Backcountry or as I refer to it the "Jungle" chasing the Silver King. We had early starts everyday to take advantage of first light Tarpon love the Golden Hour happily rolling and giving us a show. We were fly fishing with great success getting on average 4-5 bites a day and jumping several large and catching a couple of smaller ones as we like to say "Catching size". The weather was great with high sun and light to fresh breezes. Every morning we were treated to a beautiful Sunrise and a build up of anticipation for what the day would bring! I still have great days available in May and June to fish for Tarpon, Bonefish and Peacock Bass! If you're looking for an Everglades Tarpon Guide Give me a Call at 786 517-7261 or Email me at JP

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