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I'm sitting here in Louisiana and it is getting ready to get really good in the next couple weeks as the bulls are showing more and more by the day but I have Tarpon on the Brain! This Tarpon season was incredible as there was pretty much no pressure on our fish I was fortunate enough to fish in the Everglades and the Keys during the shutdown of the National Park and the lockdown in the keys. It was still fishing for Tarpon (difficulties for all us included) but it was amazing to see what schools of fish looked like after swimming undisturbed for 5 or more miles without skiffs, Jet skis and all around Boating pressure. This season is around the bend and I cant wait to chase these fish. I will be in Everglades National Park (Flamingo) in March and April pursuing these Fish with my Clients. Fishing the Everglades is Magical in its own right no other place can hold a candle to the vast beauty of this Wild place and being able to fish for Tarpon here is something that should be experienced by all Tarpon Addicts!!! If you are looking to Book some days in the Glades to pursue the Silver King with an Everglades Tarpon Guide please reach out to me Thanks JP

You can reach me at 786 517 7261 or email for Dates

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