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The day started with a stiff breeze from the East my Angler and I were idling out discussing the possible plans for the current conditions we were about to face. We looked around and made a call to see if we could prospect for some Bonefish in an area we know that there are some big fish hoping the wind would give us some cover to get close enough. As we were scanning the flat we had seen a group of fast swimming fish that gave us a quick scrambled shot although our bait was in play it just didn't line up. A few moments later I see what initially I thought was a Bonnet

head shark but just as I was going to write it off it changed angles it was the Biggest Bonefish I have ever seen I called him out my angler made the Cast and the reel was screaming for Mercy. We fought the beast for a gut wrenching 15 minutes and we were able to net the fish revive it first and got a great pic to release to live on. What a Day with my good friend and Client a day we've talked about for years landing a trophy class Bonefish in Biscayne Bay. Summer fishing is really good right now if you are looking for a Miami Bonefish Guide Give me a Call at 786 517-7261

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