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The Fishing in Biscayne Bay has been red hot just like the temps some days the water has been up to 94 degrees. An early start is key in summertime fishing we have been targeting Bonefish and Permit on the flats from Key Biscayne to Ocean Reef. The Permit have been around in good numbers patrolling the flats and channel edges. I have had good success throwing small blue crabs, jigs and flies. It is an amazing sight to see a school of floating Permit with their black sickle tails reflecting off the morning sun. Most days have been really calm and quiet so a long cast and stealth approach is needed but if the fish are actively feeding we can get really close for a short cast. One morning this week we had two schools of small permit probably around five pounds each school had 20-30 fish they were pushing wakes and tailing these fish ate jigs and flies they were so Aggressive! No better scenario than feeding fish swimming right at the boat. Bonefish have been working the lower tide stages looking for their next meal and cannot resist a well placed fly or shrimp. Summertime is my favorite time of year to fish if you can bear the heat. If you are in Miami and need a Miami fishing Guide please call Capt Jerry Perez at 786 517 7261 or visit

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