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Biscayne Bay fishing has been really good as of late we have been encountering schools of Bonefish and Permit are returning to their usual flats post spawn. The key is fishing early morning or late afternoon seems like mid day the fish slow down with the hot temps and move off the shallow flats. This year is going to be a Hot one with temps reaching the 90s in May the summer Months are going to be scorchers. The fishing will be just as good its my favorite time of year to fish the flats of Biscayne Bay and Flamingo. We have been seeing tailing Bonefish on the Mainland flats of Biscayne Bay on the incoming tides these fish have been spooky but with a patient presentation and gentle delivery the fish will eat. Fly fishing for Bonefish in these conditions is best because they sometimes need a delicate deception. Summertime brings small shrimp so my go to is tipping a jig with a piece of shrimp and casting 10-20 ft away from the Tailers and surf it in to the path of the Bonefish. Summer time flats fishing is as good as it gets and nobody around some days we only see one other skiff all day! If your looking to Book a Biscayne Bay Fishing Guide you can reach Capt Jerry Perez at 786 517 7261 or Email

Biscayne Bay Bonefish that ate a perfectly placed fly in a school of Tailers on a shallow flat.

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