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I have been Guiding my Clients in Biscayne Bay for Bonefish this week. Fishing has been great with a warm February the fish have been active on the flats mudding and flashing in deeper water. My last trip I put my Client on his first Bonefish on fly. We were fishing a shore line and working on some Casting tips when I noticed some silver flashes up ahead as we approached the water became Silty and off colored (Sign of actively feeding fish) they started Flashing again he made a great cast and the rest was straight to the Backing! Bonefish is by far my favorite fish to fish for if Im on the front of the skiff! But if Im Guiding there is nothing like watching my Clients struggle, work hard and Hook their first Big Tarpon It doesn't come easy but it definitely will be on of the most rewarding moments of their Life! I have a good amount of Availability left for Tarpon Season so if you're interested in Catching your first Big Tarpon and want to Book with an Everglades Tarpon Guide Give me a Call at 786 517-7261 or Email me at

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