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These fish are a fantastic option for my Anglers with their aggressive nature and readiness to eat what is in front of them! You can't beat the beauty, colors and shape of these fish which makes them a prized Catch. One thing I have noticed about these fish is that they help new Fly Anglers who want to start fishing in the salt with their strip set as we tend to hook a good amount fish versus learning on the flats where we don't get as many reps actually setting the hook and building that muscle memory without the fear of losing that prized Gamefish of the flats! Peacock Bass is definitely a numbers game and when they turn on we can get into 30-50 fish caught on fly, bait and/or lures plus other exotic species in between I have availability to fish these colorful bullies throughout the year Give me a call at (786) 517-7261 or email me at if you're interested in South Florida Peacock Bass! JP

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