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This Tarpon season has been filled with ups and downs with the crazy weather and heavy winds but through it all. I've been Guiding my Clients to successful days on the water fishing for the Silver King. I have shifted from the Everglades Tarpon fishing to the Oceanside flats of the Florida Keys. Seeing these fish swim in crystal clear water in schools of 100+ fish is an incredible sight that will get anyone's heart racing. Every May and June there is a Magical Window where the Palolo worm hatches from the coral bottom and go to sea the Tarpon know this window better than we know ourselves. The timing of the fish to when the worms hatch still blows me away Mother Nature is incredible! Needless to say the fishing is second to none where these otherwise tough fish to "feed" they eat with these worms with reckless abandonment. I still have days in June and July open for those looking for a Miami Fly fishing Guide Id love to get on the water with you Thanks for stopping by! JP Contact me at 786 517 7261

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