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Fishing has been on fire as of late this past week was no exception! I met a new Client at the ramp in hopes of catching some Bonefish and it didn't take long at the first stop to land our first fish of the day! After some time I saw that the tide was right at a near by spot so we picked up and made a long run and started fishing the good thing was we arrived a little early in the tide so we decided to take a break and discuss our approach once the fish moved in. Once we set up our drift on the edge we began seeing some flashes in the distance so I poled over and he made some casts resulting in dinner some Yellow Jack we ended up with five. As we continued I happen to spot two bonefish feeding and as I took a glance behind us I saw a big school floating in with the tide I gently positioned my Angler he made a great cast and off to the races Bonefish on! We ended with four Bones as we were moving down the flat I noticed some small tarpon in a school so we through a fly and needless to say we had about two hours of epic tarpon fishing getting multiple eats and landing four fish even got a Bonus for the slam a Biscyne Bay Snook on fly! What an incredible spent with my Angler he was in awe of the beauty and fast paced fishing the Bay has to offer just minutes from one of the largest cities in the U.S. Fishing will continue to be hot through the next couple of months.If you're in Miami and want to get out on the water Please Book with a Miami Flats Fishing Guide to give you the local knowledge to make the most of your time on the water you can Book with me via my. Cell (786) 517-7261 or email JP

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