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The Marshes of Southern Louisiana are rich in Marine life and on any given day you can see why its called The Sportsman's Paradise. Bird life is amazing from Raptors to wading birds can be seen looking for their next meal. Dolphins, Otters and even non natives like the Nutria Rat call the Marsh home.

The Louisiana Marsh is teaming with Shrimp, Oysters, Crabs and Bait fish this abundance of food equals one thing BIG Redfish, Black Drum and Sheepshead. Most Louisiana Fly Fishing Guides start between 7-8 am at the local ramp and the fishing grounds are usually about a 30 minute run in the skiff. Most of the time we are fishing 1-3ft of water poling spartina grass edges and Bars looking for cruising fish. Anglers can get away with a 30ft cast but believe it or not its the quick 10-20ft cast that is the trickiest to land on target a lot of times the fish will just float up to look at us in that scenario a quick accurate presentation is best. One thing about these fish is that they EAT and ask questions later! Last season fishing for Redfish in Louisiana was amazing for me and my Clients that fished with me have rebooked. The Fly fishing in Louisiana is unbelievable and spin gear is just as fun to catch Redfish. The Cocodrie and Dulac areas receive less pressure due to the fact that its 90 mins from New Orleans. I have Availability for Multi day Fishing charters. I recommend booking 2-3 days to make the best of your Fishing trip as weather can be an issue at times. I still have lots days scattered around that are still open to book from October through January. I can also accommodate 2 boat trips for 4 Anglers. I look forward to seeing you guys in the Marsh and having a great time on the water chasing Louisiana Redfish.

Thanks JP 

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