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What is it that drives us to pursue things we love in the most complicated way possible? Is it overcoming the hurdle of failed attempts, being able to say we can do it a certain way or just plain enjoyment of the misery that it comes with along the way? I think that is why we are obsessed with fly fishing because its something that we can never master. One thing my Clients that fish with me often know is that I love to push and challenge myself to help them succeed as Anglers so that they level up their game. The Best anglers are made not born and as a Guide its up to me to recognize their strengths build them up and to show where improvements can be made. I had a blast Guiding this week with new clients in Everglades National Park we caught Snook, Redfish and lost the Tarpon to get complete the Backcountry Slam! If you're looking for an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Give me a call at 786 517-7261 or Email me at JP

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