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Mike came all the way from the UK looking for an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide to help him catch his first Saltwater fish on fly and that we did. We launched from Key Largo and ran across Florida Bay to the fishing grounds. Once the sun was high enough and the tide was moving the Redfish began to make their move onto the flats where Mike and I were ready with fly in hand. After a miss or two on difficult shots I was able to give Mike a Clean look at a tailing Redfish and he put the fly in the Kill zone to hook and land his first Redfish! We were making our way off the flat as the tide had come all the way up and made it tough to see the fish on our way towards the edge I noticed a fin creeping slowly which turned out to be big Tarpon! We quickly changed rods and began to see more in the distance with our adrenaline pumping we made a cast to a slow moving happy fish in two feet of water and were rewarded with a head out of the water bite ten feet from the boat a couple jumps later it wore through the leader. What day on the flats we caught a good variety that day but those were the highlights! My Tarpon season availability is booking up fast if your in need of an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Give me a call at 786 517 7261 or Email at JP

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Dec 26, 2022

I’ll be in fort Myers January 7 though February 20, would like to fly fish for snook,red fish, tarpon. Any available?larry

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